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      Jiangxi Xinzhijing Optoelectronics Co., Ltd.

      Jiangxi xinzhijing optoelectronics Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of OLED and TFT-LCD modules in the industry. The company provides professional display solutions and product services for global electronic devices, intelligent manufacturing, medical health, wearable sports, financial UK, fingerprint lock and other fields. In the future, chip R & D and intelligent 5g industry development will be introduced to provide customers with more convenient and comprehensive solutions and services.

      Headquartered in Shenzhen xinzhijing Technology Co., Ltd., based in Bao'an District, Shenzhen, we have been serving customers for more than ten years. To undertake domestic and foreign, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and other customer business, and provide high-quality, efficient technology and services.

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        Focus on R & D of display screen products

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        Trust and recognition of customers

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        Product model

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        Patent and software copyright

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        Jiangxi xinzhijing photoelectric Co., Ltd


      Company Culture

      • Corporate vision

        Become a leading supplier of power electronics industry

      • Corporate mission

        To provide customers with competitive core equipment and overall solutions, < br > and Continue to create value for customers.

      • Corporate philosophy

        Leading technology, teamwork, first-class service, customer satisfaction

      • Development goals

        Create first class products and create a good opportunity for a century

      • corporate culture

        Pragmatic, enterprising, innovative and win-win

      • Business policy

        Cooperate wholeheartedly to improve self


      Industry application

      • electronic cigarette

        electronic cigarette

      • Smart wear

        Smart wear
      • Smart home

        Smart home

      • Financial and medical

        Financial and medical

      Strategic Partners

      Always caring for customers is the best recognition of the brand!

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      Switchboard: 0755-27087973

      Fax: 0755-27087952

      Address: Bibang Industrial Park, Xinzhen Park, Longnan economic and Technological Development Zone, Longnan City, Jiangxi Province

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